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   Eddy's Magic has a wide selection of Halloween merchandise raging from decorative items to    costumes, make-up products, accessories and toys to satisfy your every need in this
   Halloween season.

Make Up Products

HM7551MakeUpKit HM7701FakeBlood    
HM7701  Stage Blood HM7702  Gory Blood Gel HM7703  Blood'n Fangs HM 7704 Liquid 
Blood Capsules
Nose Putty
Fake Skin
Make Up Remover
Liquid latex with brush
HM7709  Glow Nail Polish HM7710  Green HM7711  Orange HM7712  Red
HM7713  Blue HM7714  Grey HM7715  White HM7716  Black
HM7717  Brown HM7718  Yellow HM7720  Green HM7721  Brown
HM7722  Black HM7723  Red HM7724  Blue HM7725  Purple
HM7726  Orange HM7727  Yellow HM7728  White HM7729   Silver
HM7730  Gold HM7731  Glow With the Dark