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Inflatable Games are always the favourites of children. Eddy's Magic has a unique collection of  high-quality inflatable games imported from the States which can surely suit different kinds of Halloween Fair.

Pumpkin Balloon Typhoon

A child's activity combining all the elements of color, motion, touch and catch. This is an inflatable giant globe filled with flying balloons. The children step inside the typhoon into a whirlwind of flying balloons and the fun begins. The balloon typhoon easily entertains over 100 children per hour.
Size: 12ft x 12ft
Wizard Castle Jumpy

An inflatable jumpy for kids to play and relax. Entering this newly designed Wizard Castle, the kids must be enchanted by the atmosphere and enjoy having fun inside.
Size: 20ft x 20ft

Wizard Throw

Magically with the mystic balls floating on air, participants should take their best shot and try to knock the mystical floating object. It can entertain 1-6 players at a time and is a great game for all ages.
Size: 10ft x 10ft

Children Haunted House

Inflatable haunted house is a safe and fun party with ghosts, goblins and witches of all ages awaiting your arrival. Find yourself in a world where some things are not what they appear to be. If you desire some excitement, you should have a try on this attraction.
Size: 17ft x 23ft