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   Eddy's Magic has a wide selection of Halloween merchandise raging from decorative items to    costumes, make-up products, accessories and toys to satisfy your every need in this
   Halloween season.

Children Costumes

HC-7651 Viper HC-7652 Vampire HC-7653  Skull Warrior HC-7654 Vampire
HC-7655 Ghost HC-7656  Dungeon Master HC-7657 Skeleton HC-7658  Bat Cape
HC-7659 Demon HC-7660  Spider Cape HC-7664  Gothic Witch HC-7665  Glamorous Witch
HC-7666 Witch HC-7667  Gothic Vampiregs HC-7670 Witch HC-7669  Spider Witch
HC-7672 Witch HC-7673  Hagatha the HC-7675  Pumpkin HC-7676  Devi lGirl
HC-7677  Mystic Witch HC-8879 HC-7674 Spideralla
HC-767HC-7671 Spider Queen1 Spider Queen HC-7668 Spideralla
HC-7693  Story Book Witch HC-7681 Devil HC-7682 Devil HC-7683 Ghost
HC-7684 Skeleton HC-7685 Pumpkin HC-7691
HC-7692 Witch