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   Eddy's Magic has a wide selection of Halloween merchandise raging from decorative items to    costumes, make-up products, accessories and toys to satisfy your every need in this
   Halloween season.


HS 7362
Rigid Spider
A. HS 7366
    13" Spider w / voice
B. HS 7367
    13" Spider W / Voice
C. HS 7368 Long Leffed     Spider
A. HS 7369 7" Cob Web
B. HS 7370 4" Spoder
     & Web
C. HS 7371 7" Cob Web
D. HS 7372 6" Cob Web
HS 7361
Wind Up Spider

HA 7447
Halloween Earring
HA 7450
Cotten Mask
HA 7466
Devil Head Boppers
HA7467 Devil Head
Boppers with Horn

A. HA 7423
    Lite Up Light Torch
B. HA 7424
    Horror Light


HA 7425
11" Lite Up Stick Light

HA 7430 (A,B,C) Awful Blazing Spectacles

HA 7431
Blinking Red Nose

HA 7432
Lite Up Head Light